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Dementia Activity Aprons and Lap Pillows are designed specially for individuals with Alzheimer's and cognitive disabilities. Both items help improve motor and memory skills and occupies their time.

Apron Features:

Aprons are available in two bright colors,
royal blue or red, and have 6 secured items
to occupy one's time!

  • One clear plastic pocket, which can hold a personal photo for reflection of a loved one, pet or family member, etc.
  • A long zipper with large hoop for pulling up and down.
  • Three large colorful buttons sewn on a long strip for counting and feeling.
  • One soft felt pocket for adding any personal items or toys.
  • Shoestrings for tying, which helps improve motor skills.
  • One color pocket holds an assortment of number and alphabet cards.
  • Fuzzy hand puppet in a pocket.
  • Instead of sitting and unoccupied, the variation of these six items add pleasure for a person and assist their caregiver.

The apron has a loop neck strap to go over the head, with 36" long side ties, and is 26" wide x 32" long. They are made with 100% poly fabric.

If a person tried to undress, the loop neck design makes it more difficult to remove over the head; the long side ties can be wrapped around and knotted, giving more security. Priced @ $37.50, shipping $7.00.

Lap Pillow Features

Both sides of the pillow allow pleasure: one side has soft fuzzy fabric for stroking with a sewn clear plastic pocket for adding a picture of the person. An animal attached to a cord is designed for playing on the pillow. The reverse side has bright blue fabric with two pockets (with cards and Kleenex), 5" zipper with large hoop for pulling, strip of three huge buttons for counting, and a soft duck on a cord for squeezing. $29.95, $7.00 shipping. Please visit our Alzheimer's Apron website to order a Lap Pillow.

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